March 4, 2024

What is it and how it works?

One of the big highlights of the new Samsung Galaxy S24 series is AI. The new phones come with a number of features powered by Galaxy AI. AI permeates every aspect of the new Galaxy S24 experience, as is the case with the new Note Assist feature. But what is Note Assist and how does it work on the Galaxy S24? I tested the feature on my Galaxy S24 Ultra and here’s what I think about it.


Note Assist is the set of Galaxy AI-enabled features in the Samsung Notes app. These include automatic formatting, summaries, spell checking, translation, and note cover generation. All of these features except translation require an active internet connection to work, while translation also requires the language pack to be downloaded, although it runs on the device.


What is Note Assist enabled for Galaxy AI?

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Galaxy S24 Ultra

The new Samsung Galaxy S24 series comes with a feature called “Note Assist” that can be accessed from the Samsung Notes app.

Note Assist essentially brings AI to the Notes app, using it to deliver boosted functionality. This includes:

  • Auto-format notes with headings, bullets, and paragraphs.
  • Summary notes to see what they are about.
  • Generate covers based on the content of the notes.
  • Correct spelling and grammar.
  • Translate the text of your notes.

You can use several external services to achieve similar results, but Note Assist brings them all together under one roof in the Samsung Notes app. It’s even more useful for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, as you can use the S Pen to take notes, which the Samsung Notes app then transcribes to let you process them with AI.

Of these five functions, only the translation function can be processed on the device (and even then a language pack needs to be downloaded beforehand). The other four functions require an Internet connection.

What phones does Note Assist work on?

Samsung Galaxy S24 Family 5

Lanh Nguyen / Android Authority

Samsung has announced Note Assist for the following phones:

  • Samsung Galaxy S24 series:
    • Galaxy S24
    • Galaxy S24 Plus
    • Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung has not specifically announced a broader release of Note Assist. However, the company has mentioned that the broader Galaxy AI features of the Galaxy S24 series will also be compatible with previous models, including the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy S23 FE, Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Flip 5, and the Galaxy Tab series. S9, presumably. with its imminent OneUI 6.1 update. Therefore, there are hopes of seeing this feature on more devices in Samsung’s portfolio.

How to activate Note Assist?

Note Assist is located within the Samsung Notes app, so you can activate the feature from within.

  • Open the Samsung Notes app on your compatible Samsung phone.
  • Click on the three lines sidebar button on the middle left side of the screen.
  • Once the sidebar slides out, click the settings button.
  • Gonna Note Assistance and alternate it In.

You can also enable it from the System Settings app by going to Settings > Advanced features > Advanced intelligence > Samsung Notes > On.

How to use Note Assist: all AI features explained

Now that you’ve turned on Note Assist, you can invoke it on any of your new or existing Notes within the Samsung Notes app. Within any note, click the three star button and select from the four available AI functions.

Auto format

The auto-format feature uses AI to restructure your notes. By adding headings, bullets, and other formatting data, automatic formatting makes your notes easier to read. Samsung says you need a minimum of 200 characters for the auto format feature to work.

You can choose how you want to format your note: headings and bullets or meeting notes. Either option gives you five options for automatically formatted results. You can explore the options to see which one best suits your grade and needs.

Once you’ve reformatted your note, you can copy the formatted data, replace the old note with the newly reformatted note, or add the new note to an existing note.


As the name suggests, the Summarize feature in the Samsung Notes app produces a condensed summary of your note containing all the key information. You need a minimum of 200 characters for the Summarize feature to work. Like the Auto Format option, you can copy the summary, replace the previous note with the summary, or add the summary to an existing note.

By default, the function generates a concise summary. You can choose to get a more detailed summary by clicking on the setting icon (located next to the information icon) and selecting Detailed.

Correct spelling

The Spell Check feature identifies and checks spelling and punctuation errors. It’s basically a spell checker but with AI. Again, you can copy, replace, or add to an existing note. However, unlike automatic formatting and summarization, correct spelling does not require a minimum word count.


Translate uses AI to translate your text. The AI ​​should automatically detect the source language of your note and prompt you to download the language packs needed for translation. As far as I can tell, the translation feature works on the device and does not require an internet connection once you have downloaded the language packs.

These are the languages ​​and regions Translate supports:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • English (India, United Kingdom, United States)
  • French
  • German
  • Hindi
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Spanish (Mexico, Spain, United States)
  • Thai
  • Vietnamese

As you can see, while Translate supports many languages, the list is not as exhaustive as you would find with conventional translation services.

Generate coverage

The Generate Cover Page feature is accessed from the main home page of the Notes app and not from any notes like the other four features. Generate Cover allows you to create unique thumbnail icons for your notes so you can distinguish one set from another. This makes it easy to locate the note you’re looking for, especially if you have a bunch of random notes collected over the years.

To access Generate Cover Page, open the Samsung Notes app, long press to select notes, click the Further icon in the lower right corner and click Generate coverage. A cover page will be generated and you will be prompted to apply it to your note. You can click Made to apply the cover.

How good is Note Assist powered by Galaxy AI?

Standing Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra home screen

Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Based on my testing, I found that Note Assist does its (limited) job very well. Most processing takes only a few seconds and the results have been satisfactory.

Note Assist is not revolutionary in itself, but it completes the Galaxy S24 experience.

I found that auto formatting is my most used feature, as it helps me make sense of my written notes quickly. Summarizing is also good for generating summaries, although chances are that if you wrote the note, you already know what you wrote. It would be better if you could directly import a web page or message into Notes to summarize. The translation also makes sense if you want to run it on the device; Otherwise, services like Google Translate offer a broader selection of languages.

Individually, none of the Note Assist features stand out as revolutionary new features. However, they add that little touch of novelty and usefulness to the Galaxy S24 experience to make it stand out. Along with the other Galaxy AI features, there’s probably enough here to make you switch phones.

Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra

200 MP camera • ProVisual Engine • Up to 1 TB of storage • New AI tools

The best of the best of the S24 series

Samsung’s true flagship device, the Galaxy S24 Ultra, offers the best specs and features of any Galaxy phone to date. Camera and AI features are the name of the game, with a 200MP main camera, 50MP 5x telephoto, 10MP 3x telephoto, and 12MP ultrawide shooters. Smaller screen bezels, 2600 nits display, 5000 mAh battery, an advanced cooling vapor chamber, up to 1 TB of UFS 4.0 storage and 12 GB of RAM make it a powerful mobile computing system. The new ProVisual Engine offers AI-powered camera tools for capturing photos and videos.

Samsung Galaxy S24 PlusSamsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus

Big, bright screen • Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy • Thin bezels

New hardware, powerful AI tools

Equipped with an extensive set of new AI features, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Plus is the 6.7-inch base model of the S24 series. Sharing most of the specs and features with the standard S24 model, the S24 Plus offers a larger battery, more storage space, 12GB of RAM, and an upgrade to Quad HD resolution. Designed for those who want a larger screen, but aren’t interested in the best features available only on the S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy S24Samsung Galaxy S24

Samsung Galaxy S24

Thinner than ever • Victus 2 glass • Bright screen

Powerful AI and slimmer bezels

The Samsung Galaxy S24 series focuses on additional artificial intelligence technology. With a 6.2-inch 120Hz display, 128GB or 256GB of storage, 8GB of RAM, and a maximum screen brightness of up to 2,600 nits, the S24 promises to be a quality upgrade to the lineup. The new AI features go deeper and improve your experience with the camera, search, and more.

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