April 20, 2024

Use Holafly to get unlimited data on your iPhone when you travel

Apple is a global leader in eco-sustainability with initiatives such as eliminating leather, reducing plastic packaging and introducing eSIM to replace physical SIM cards. Here is the definitive guide to eSIMs and how they perfectly complement the iPhone.

eSIMs eliminate the need for physical cards, reducing waste and making it easier for iPhone users to switch between local cell towers and international cellular networks. When traveling abroad, use a Holafly eSIM, so you will no longer need to buy a new SIM for each destination you visit.

Holafly is also a world leader in offering affordable eSIM solutions for travelers while also offering one of the best workplaces in Europe. The company strives to provide stable Internet access for everyone by leveraging the iPhone’s eSIM capabilities.

What is an eSIM?

A traditional SIM card is a plastic or PVC card with circuitry that contains the technology necessary to connect to cellular networks. An eSIM integrates that circuitry directly into the device’s hardware, eliminating the need for separate cards.

Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone 14 line, the eSIM has been the standard, completely replacing the physical SIM card. Several other iPhone models support eSIM, including the iPhone XS, iPhone 11, iPhone 12, and the iPhone 13 line.

The difference between a local eSIM and a travel eSIM

There are no fundamental differences between a local and travel eSIM in terms of technology. Both support connecting to local cellular networks so you can access calling, texting, and data features.

However, the real difference comes down to billing and availability. For example, a US traveler will have a local eSIM that connects to one of the major carriers, and travelers within the US generally don’t face roaming charges.

However, that same eSIM can support international roaming, allowing users to stay connected to networks wherever they are. However, these travelers are subject to airline fees and charges, which could end up costing you hundreds, if not more.

Instead, a travel eSIM is a better option because you can buy access from a company, like Holafly, to connect to international networks for a fraction of the cost. Additionally, iPhones support multiple eSIMs, allowing you to activate one for home and another while you’re away.

Why an eSIM is better than a physical SIM card

SIM cards are an older concept in mobile devices, and early Nokia phones used huge SIM cards the size of an SD card. As time and technology advanced, these physical cards became smaller, like the MicroSIM and NanoSIM that grace many modern smartphones.

Don’t wait to connect and have a travel eSIM on hand

The eSIM is just the latest evolution in the long chain of SIM cards. They are smaller than previous SIM cards and integrate seamlessly into the device architecture, enabling several key benefits, including:

  • Reduced space requirements allow more room for other technologies
  • Prevents removal of the SIM card in case the device is lost or stolen.
  • I can’t get lost when exchanging letters
  • have multiple eSIM cards installed

Additionally, because eSIM cards are part of an iPhone’s overall circuitry, they last as long as the rest of the device. There is no need to exchange it for a newer card as there is nothing to wear out.

Apple products with eSIM compatibility

As we mentioned, several Apple devices support eSIM, including:

  • iPhone XS, XS Max, XR or later
  • iPad mini 5th generation or later
  • iPad 7th generation or later
  • iPad Air 3rd generation or later
  • 11-inch iPad Pro all generations
  • 12.9-inch iPad Pro 3rd generation or later
  • Any Apple Watch with cellular capabilities

Not all carriers will support eSIM for older devices. Check with your carrier to check eSIM availability for any devices older than iPhone 14.

Benefits of eSIM for traveling

While eSIMs have several advantages over their physical counterparts, one of the most important advantages is ease of use during travel. eSIMs make it easy to purchase, install and activate mobile services on overseas networks in multiple languages ​​with just a few taps.

Get the Holafly eSIM to travel

Although it is easy to switch to another SIM card while traveling, most companies take advantage of travelers and charge exorbitant prices for cellular coverage. Holafly is a much better option and we recommend them as your main provider with eSIM for as little as $1.20 per day.

Holafly has plans ranging from five to 90 days that include unlimited data. Plus, Holafly eSIMs are tailor-made for popular destinations and regions around the world, making staying connected easier and more affordable than ever.

Unlimited data eSIM for international visits

Those familiar with international travel know that many US-based carriers charge for each kilobyte that passes over roaming networks. That means unlimited data is off the table or comes with a high price tag.

Holafly, a European powerhouse in eSIM technology, has the solution: an eSIM that supports affordable, unlimited data while traveling to popular countries such as the US, Spain, Switzerland and over 50 other destinations around the world.

Holafly’s eSIM also offers data plans for over 160 destinations around the world, giving travelers maximum freedom to connect their iPhones wherever their adventures take them. It’s the perfect solution for business leaders, digital nomads, or even a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Unlimited regional data for connections throughout Europe

Regional data can be complicated, especially in places like Europe, where moving across countries happens in an instant. Holafly’s European eSIM is the ideal choice for accessing local numbers and networks in more than 30 destinations.

With just an eSIM, you have the convenience of staying connected for a fraction of the cost other providers charge. Plus, you won’t have to worry about data limits as the Holafly eSIM supports unlimited data for those 30+ destinations.

How to configure your eSIM

Setting up your eSIM with Holafly is a simple and fluid process. Follow these steps to connect to your Holafly eSIM:

How to install a Holafly eSIM.

  1. Download the Holafly eSIM app from the App Store
  2. Buy the eSIM you want from the Holafly website or from the app
  3. Choose the eSIM you want to activate by clicking See details
  4. Click on the Install your eSIM button and follow the guide to complete the process.

Holafly also has a strong customer support network with instructional videos and navigation guides to help you throughout the process. Likewise, you can contact the support team from the Holafly app to find help 24/7/365.

Final thoughts on eSIMs with Holafly

Stay connected the next time you travel with a Holafly eSIM. eSIMs are the latest generation of SIM card technology and Holafly eSIMs provide an unlimited data experience in destinations around the world.

For owners of the iPhone 14 and 15 line, the eSIM found inside your device paves the way to more stable connections to more networks around the world. Additionally, eliminating additional physical chips helps reduce waste and a greener planet.

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