April 15, 2024

The latest laboratory display products.

The field of laboratory data visualization has evolved substantially in recent years. With the advent of sophisticated software and hardware tools, researchers can create interactive 3D visualizations, animated graphics, and immersive virtual reality experiences to explore their data. These innovations offer exciting possibilities for scientific exploration and education.

Laboratory data visualization unites the intricate data generated in scientific experiments and scientists’ ability to understand patterns, trends, and relationships. This crucial interface has evolved into a powerful tool that enhances researchers’ ability to communicate, analyze, and make informed decisions based on their findings.

Laboratory data is rich in information, but this knowledge can remain buried in spreadsheets or databases. Data visualization tools such as charts, graphs, heat maps, and scatterplots are powerful instruments for revealing these hidden gems.

In the laboratory, making good decisions often depends on real-time information. Scientists must evaluate data quickly to make informed decisions, whether adjusting experimental parameters, troubleshooting equipment problems, or reevaluating research hypotheses. Visualizing laboratory data gives researchers the ability to make data-driven decisions quickly.

The integration of machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence has enabled the automation of data visualization, allowing researchers to discover patterns and trends in vast data sets more efficiently. This synergy of expertise and computational power promises to accelerate the way laboratory data is visualized and understood.

Featured Product: Revvity Signals Software – Signal Notebook

Revvity Signals Software Signal Notebook

Increase scientific productivity and creativity with Signals Notebook, the secure, cloud-native electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) for chemistry, biology, and formulations. From greater collaboration to securely accessible data, Signals Notebooks accelerate research and development.

Based on over 20 years of knowledge, Signals Notebook is a modern cloud ELN that offers a powerful solution for all your scientific research data management needs.

Work intuitively in an easy-to-use ELN:

  • Capture, organize and manage your data in a modern, easy-to-use interface
  • Access data anytime, anywhere, from a secure cloud application
  • Search millions of experiments across many projects quickly and efficiently
  • Collaborate openly and securely across departments with granular, role-based access control

ELN interactive demonstration

How new software helps data management and improves workflow

PROTAC, molecular glues and more

Laboratory visualization tools now on the market:

Cytoscape is an open source software platform for visualizing molecular interaction networks and biological pathways and integrating these networks with annotations, gene expression profiles, and other state data. Although Cytoscape was originally designed for biological research, it is now a general platform for the analysis and visualization of complex networks.

The core Cytoscape distribution provides a core set of functions for data integration, analysis, and visualization. Additional features are available as applications (previously called plugins). Applications are available for molecular and network profiling analysis, new designs, support for additional file formats, scripting, and connection to databases. They can be developed by anyone using Cytoscape’s open API based on Java technology and are recommended for application community development. Most of the apps are available for free on the Cytoscape App Store.

Achiever Medical LIMS Data Analysis and Visualization Interactive software Helps users uncover the hidden benefits and insights from their lab data using Achiever Medical’s LIMS data analysis and visualization tools. Leverage data to inform decision making, recognize trends, identify obstacles and highlight non-conformances.

This software allows scientists to analyze their data to understand what’s behind the numbers and create instant analyzes through the Dashboard Designer’s simple user interface. Achiever Medical LIMS leverages the power of the industry standard DevExpress Dashboard Designer to deliver business intelligence and data analytics that aim to provide insights into a laboratory’s performance and productivity. Help users make more informed decisions and provide early notifications about potential problems.

StarlimsAdvanced Analytics for LIMS helps users visualize laboratory data. The Advanced Analytics solution allows scientists to view and analyze all laboratory data stored in Starlims software so users can make critical business decisions. Quickly answer questions for root cause analysis, identify bottlenecks causing performance issues and opportunities for improvement, and help build a business case for new resources. Visualizations help laboratory managers proactively act on events, apply remediation plans, and see the results of their actions, resulting in a more efficient organization.

Visualize lab data in a way that makes sense. View data using geographic maps, color-coded lab maps, or other layouts to quickly connect with scientists’ data and gain new insights. View data from anywhere and on any device, including smartphones and tablets. The STARLIMS content library offers responsive advanced analytics dashboards that allow users to make immediate decisions even when they are out of the office.

SampleManager LIMS by thermoscientist provides real-time data visualization and analysis to unlock hidden value in scientific data. The data analytics solution for Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS provides authorized users with ready-to-use dashboards that display key business and laboratory information. Resource availability, stock information, location status, and lab performance are displayed in a clear, interactive format, with current status information and the ability to drill down for more details and results.

The profiling element of the data analytics solution determines the most impactful variables to optimize prediction accuracy. The system uses the results of previous tests applied to similar samples as inputs, creating a machine learning process with predictive power. The data visualization capabilities in SampleManager LIMS allow the user to configure dashboards and overviews, which can be made available to specific groups or users, either upon login or on demand, as needed.

LaboratoryVantage Analytics gives users full control to explore, analyze, and visualize laboratory, enterprise, and even external data to gain valuable insights. Based on the open source Elastic Stack search platform, LabVantage Analytics uses business intelligence with machine learning/artificial intelligence capabilities to track and trend KPIs and predict and alert about issues before they happen.

The Laboratory Performance Optimizer solution leverages artificial intelligence across disparate data sets to optimize processes and provide a 360-degree view of the laboratory. This provides valuable insights from data for smart decision making.

Clinical laboratories benefit from a model-based drug development (MIDD) process. The Clinical Pharmacology Modeling (CPM) solution integrates seamlessly with LabVantage LIMS to provide high-performance template-based utilities, enabling scientists to accelerate assay turnaround times, ensure assay consistency, increase computational efficiency and reduce the time and overall cost to bring drugs to market.

Visualize: laboratory data management software, developed by scicilian aims to consolidate biological assay results with information from molecular entities, enabling queries whose results create knowledge that informs drug discovery decisions.

Visualize is laboratory data management software that accelerates the drug research and discovery cycle by eliminating the need to manually collect results from different sources. Visualize ensures complete capture of test conditions so users don’t waste time identifying the cause of unexpected results. Samples tested multiple times are automatically summarized using the most appropriate method and quickly traced to the assay conditions for a given assay result.

Users can define how results are summarized and presented, focusing only on what is important and eliminating visual noise and redundancy. This leads to better-informed research decisions, as users can quickly see the relationship between the structure of the molecule, the assay results, and the effect on the biological target.

He high graphics The library comes with all the tools you need to create reliable and secure data visualizations. Built on JavaScript and TypeScript, all of their charting libraries work with any back-end database or server stack. The company offers wrappers for the most popular programming languages ​​(.Net, PHP, Python, R, Java), as well as iOS and Android, and frameworks such as Angular, Vue, and React.

Highcharts, the core library product suite, is a pure SVG-based JavaScript charting library that makes it easy for developers to create responsive, interactive, and accessible charts. Our library includes all standard chart types and more. From area to rank X, we’ve got you covered. Our simple options structure allows for deep customization and styling can be done using JavaScript or CSS.

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