April 15, 2024

Regular phone cases are dead… These phone holders from TORRAS offer ultimate hands-free ergonomics – Yanko Design

It’s 2024 and your phone case should do a LOT more than just protect it. The folks at TORRAS believe the same too, which is why they’ve been spearheading the ‘phone holder’ movement since 2018. In fact, even renowned global research firm Ipsos has ‘declared’ the phone holder as the next generation of telephones. cases… and after 6 years of advantage, they have classified TORRAS as a world leader in this field.

Although the company has a wide range of products, ranging from phone accessories to neck-worn fans, the phone stand dominated TORRAS’ display at CES this year (so much so that its booth had a huge phone stand on the front of too, making it recognizable from afar). The company inaugurated two new stands this year: the simple but charming mediumand an improvement to your existing Ostand, now with a rotating ring (called Ostand R.). They also revamped their line of neck coolers with the COOLiFY Cyber, which can now adjust its temperature based on your environment, making it the most advanced neck “air conditioner” on the market!

Designer: TORRAS

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The Lstand on the left and the Ostand R on the right.

The Ostand R is an impressive case given its capabilities. For starters, the case has a ring that folds away when not in use, but opens into an angled locking kickstand that can be used in landscape and portrait mode (or even as a ring to hold your finger while holding the phone). ). Plus, it rotates on its axis without a axis, giving you the ability to place the ring wherever you want, while also supporting the iPhone’s MagSafe and wireless charging features.

You also (obviously) get the benefits of a case, with a soft bumper frame around the sides and even the camera bump. The edges have an air cushion that gives your phone even more security against accidental bumps or drops. The frosted polycarbonate back is a great way to show off your phone’s color, while the Ostand R colors on the TPU edge and metal buttons complement your smartphone from top to bottom.

It’s not easy to build a phone case that has its own kickstand that rotates while maintaining a slim profile… but TORRAS lifted the veil on the Ostand R’s design to show the amount of research and innovation that goes into each detail. A specially designed hinge measures just 1.2 mm (0.04 in) thick, but can withstand tens of thousands of bends and can even maintain its angle like a laptop hinge (while supporting the weight of your phone). The hinge is also accompanied by an axisless rotating element that allows the ring to be oriented however you want, giving you the kind of freedom you wouldn’t get with other cases.

A quick breakdown of the Ostand R shows all the innovation introduced in its features and details.

The Lstand, on the other hand, is for people who want a plain case with nothing on the back. Research into TORRAS’ customer base showed that while the Ostand was a big favorite, there were some who liked the appeal of the company’s older stands that were built into the bottom of the phone or the sides. . To serve these people, TORRAS built the Lstand, a case with a fold-out element around the camera lens. The sturdy ring adds an extra layer of reinforced security to your iPhone’s camera, but open it and it transforms into a nifty kickstand to prop up your phone.

The two stands, while impressive, come backed up by an Ipsos article that puts Torras at the forefront of the next trend in phone stands. Ipsos mentions that the rise of digital nomads and social media has led many people to rely on their phone to stay connected and entertained. As phones become larger, flatter and heavier, it is becoming increasingly important to shift focus from mere “phone cases” to phone stands that allow people to better hold their phones and rest them on surfaces. to work or rest. And everything else. Phone cases aren’t going anywhere, because people inherently need to have protective accessories for their expensive smart devices… but over 52% of people mention that they want their phone cases to have a hands-free feature , while a staggering 59% mention the need to maintain a minimalist and elegant design. Ostand R and Lstand (along with other Torras stands) maintain these considerations, resulting in smartphone accessories that don’t protect the phone…they also improve the phone experience.

When asked about TORRAS, the Ipsos study revealed: “Through innovation and continuous research and development, TORRAS integrated enhanced protection and portability, restoring the design style of feature phones. At the same time, it pioneered a new phone case design with the combination of kickstand and magnetic suction, which works excellently and has won many international design awards, patented innovations and industry honors, leading the development and Support progress and magnetic suction. Suction phone case products.” They added that “TORRAS is the next generation of phone cases.”

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The COOLiFY range has also seen some changes with Cyber, the latest neck wearable from TORRAS. Based on the existing line, COOLiFY Cyber ​​comes with a larger cooling plate and air ducts, creating a bigger impact. Air ducts blow wind (hot or cold) toward your neck and face, while cooling plates rely on an electric current passed through a semiconductor to cool quickly. With 3 speed settings to choose from, 3 hot/cold plates and a total of 36 outlets, the COOLiFY Cyber ​​is the equivalent of wearing an air conditioner around your neck.

The COOLiFY Cyber ​​has an incredibly stylish design that can be easily worn around any neck thanks to its flexible horseshoe-shaped design. It’s made to be lightweight, charges via USB-C, and from personal experience, feels a lot like wearing an ice or heat pack around your neck, something you’ll likely appreciate in harsh summers and winters. The unique location of the neck (close to the face and connected to the spine) makes it a perfect location for something like the COOLiFY Cyber, as its cooling/warming effect can be felt throughout the body (and not just the neck). COOLiFY Cyber ​​is scheduled to launch around March, which is when additional details such as battery life and pricing will emerge.

TORRAS even partnered with the Dallas Maverick to create special Mavs-branded merchandise for them and their fans.

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