April 20, 2024

OnePlus 12 vs Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: flagship showdown

We may only be in the early parts of the year, but some of the biggest phone launches have already happened. Two examples of this are the OnePlus 12 and the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

The OnePlus 12 and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra differ in price, are the flagships of the respective companies, and pack high-end specs and features in slim casings.

There are many areas in which they are similar, but more than in other years there are many differences. OnePlus remains focused on specifications, Samsung, on the other hand, has other ideas.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is all about AI

If you watched the launch of the Galaxy S24 series, you’ll know that most of the show was dedicated not to the series’ specifications, but to Galaxy AI. Samsung’s AI system touches every part of the phone, from the screen to the camera, the notes app, and more. If you listen to Samsung, the future of the phone is no longer about specifications, but about AI.

There’s no doubt that some of the S24 Ultra’s AI skills are excellent. Transcription tools are incredibly useful for those who need to take meeting notes and condense them, while generative features can turn photos you previously wanted to delete into photos you’re happy to share.

Although many of the AI ​​features are supported by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chip – the same chip you’ll find inside the OnePlus 12 – there are no AI features in sight on this phone. An interesting omission we must say.

You get an S Pen with the Galaxy S24 Ultra

One of the other notable features that sets the Galaxy S24 Ultra apart from not just the OnePlus 12 but almost all other phones is the included S Pen.

This little stylus, popularized by the now-defunct Note series, can be used for browsing, note-taking, and more, and for many it’s reason enough to choose the Galaxy S24 over the competition.

Samsung Galaxy S24 UltraSamsung Galaxy S24 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and S Pen – Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

If value is key, the OnePlus 12 is hard to resist

If the value proposition is key, the OnePlus 12 is one of the best phones out there. For £849/$799, you get the latest Snapdragon chip, a minimum of 12GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, a 120Hz 2K OLED display, and a Hasselblad camera system that takes great photos. It is a very complete package.

For comparison, the Galaxy S24 Ultra costs £1,249/$1,299 for the same chip and the same amount of RAM and storage.

The OnePlus 12 is the best in charging speeds

There’s a clear winner when it comes to charging speeds with these two phones, and it’s the OnePlus 12. You can get a full charge from 0 to 100% in just 26 minutes with the OnePlus 12, while it takes 71 minutes with the Galaxy alternative. .

OnePlus 12R screenOnePlus 12R screen
OnePlus 12: Image Credit (Trusted Reviews)

The S24 Ultra also supports slower wireless charging, 15W instead of 50W, and does not include a plug. OnePlus, for its part, includes the 100w charger that you need to reach maximum speeds.

Both have good cameras, but the S24 Ultra surpasses it in zoom capabilities

OnePlus has come a long way with its camera technology in recent times, considerably improving what was a real shortcoming for years. However, if we had to pick one, the Galaxy S24 Ultra would still be at the top.

You can read our full take on the cameras and check out all the specs in our OnePlus 12 review and Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra review, but the area where Samsung continues to dominate is zoom.

Left imageRight image

OnePlus could say that the OnePlus 12 can achieve high levels of zoom, but as our reviewer Lewis said in his review: “Anything above the 10x mark and you’ll start to see artifacts, and the 120x zoom is almost unusable as it happens with most extreme digital models. zooms, but stay at the lower ends of the zoom and you will be very pleased with the results.”

Full Spec Comparison

Compare all the most important specs of the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra and OnePlus 12 below.



Screen size

Storage capacity

Rear camera

Frontal camera

Video recording

IP Rating


wireless charging

Fast charge

Size (Dimensions)



Release date

First revision date



Update frequency





Declared power

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