April 20, 2024

Novak Djokovic’s response to Virat Kohli’s message breaks the Internet

Tennis legend Novak Djokovic’s response to the kind words of Team India talisman Virat Kohli sent the internet into a frenzy on Sunday.

Tennis legend Novak Djokovic’s response to the kind words of Team India talisman Virat Kohli sent the internet into a frenzy on Sunday after the two sporting greats spoke publicly about their mutual admiration on social media.

Over the weekend, Virat Kohli caused quite a stir In Internet after he revealed the story related to how he hooked up with Novak Djokovic in a video shared by the BCCI on Twitter.

“I got in touch with Novak very organically, I was looking at his profile once on Instagram and hit the message button. I thought I would say hello, maybe,” the former Indian captain revealed.

“And then I already saw a message from him in my DM. I never opened it. So the first time I looked at my own messages, I saw that he messaged me himself. And I thought, let me check if it’s a fake account or something,” Virat Kohli explained.

“But then I checked it again and it was legit. And then, yes, we started talking. We continue to exchange messages from time to time. I congratulated him for all his incredible achievements,” said Virat Kohli.

After the video went viral on the popular messaging app, Novak Djokovic responded to Virat Kohli’s praise for him and also invited him to play with him.

“Thank you for these kind words, Virat Kohli. Looking forward to the day we play together,” Novak Djokovic wrote in X.

However, Novak Djokovic did not specify whether he wanted to play a cricket match with Virat Kohli or was planning to challenge the superstar batsman on a cricket field.

Previously, Novak Djokovic had revealed that he and Virat Kohli had become text buddies who often inquired about each other’s well-being through telephone exchanges.

“Virat Kohli and I have been texting each other for a few years now. We never had the opportunity to meet in person, but it was truly an honor and a privilege to hear him speak well of me,” Novak Djokovic told Sony Sports Network.

“Obviously I admire his entire career and his achievements. I started playing cricket, but I’m not very good at it. But I am tasked with honing my cricket skills before coming to India and not being embarrassed when I am there,” he added.

Furthermore, Novak Djokovic shared a heartfelt post on Instagram following Virat Kohli’s record-breaking 50th ODI hundred during last year’s ODI World Cup in India.

Virat Kohli stressed that Novak Djokovic’s message meant a lot to him.

“When I recently got my 50th century, he posted a story and also sent me a very nice message. So there has been a mutual admiration and respect. It’s really nice to connect with global athletes who, you know, excel at a high level. And I think, collectively, what I think about it is, in some way, sending a message of inspiration to the next generation. I have a lot of respect for him, his career, his passion for fitness, something that I follow a lot and believe in a lot. So there is a lot to connect with,” mentioned the Delhi-born cricketer.

“Hopefully, if he comes to India sooner, it will be in a country where he plays. I will definitely meet him and just relax and maybe have a cup of coffee,” Virat Kohli summed up.

On the cricket front, Virat Kohli on Sunday returned to India’s T20I setup after 14 months. He made an immediate impact by scoring 29 off 16 balls against Afghanistan in the second match of the three-game series in Indore.

It is worth noting that Virat Kohli batted with intent from the start against Afghanistan over the weekend after there was a lot of chatter on social media about his anchoring role in the T20Is.

The 35-year-old took little time to open his shoulders after reaching the crease as he hit boundaries at will. But in his attempts to maintain a healthy shooting pace, Virat Kohli got caught in the thirty-yard circle while trying to clear the middle with an aerial shot.

Despite his dismissal at the age of 29, Virat Kohli’s new batting model earned him high praise from fans on social media as ‘King Kohli’ emerged as a top trending player on the microblogging platform.

On the other hand, former India opener Aakash Chopra admired Virat Kohli’s aggressive approach before asking for his inclusion in India’s T20 World Cup squad as he felt he could keep the team together, especially in crisis situations.

“I think he did something like that before the last T20 World Cup. He tried to get it right from the first moment. Look, he’s capable of doing it. If Virat Kohli decides that he wants to be aggressive from the beginning, if he wants to show that kind of intent, he will do it. There is no doubt,” Aakash Chopra said in a conversation with Jio Cinema.

“But you have to think which avatar of Virat Kohli is best suited for the team. You have to figure it out. Go after each delivery; that approach doesn’t suit either Virat or Rohit, I’ll be very honest.

“When you talk about the West Indies and the United States, the pitches are likely to be in the range of 150-160. It won’t be 200-220 pitches. If that is going to be the case, then Virat Kohli must be the anchor. He needs to deepen the game and keep the innings together. His approach will give freedom to the rest of the players. I think his role in the T20s will be the same,” he continued.

“If you expect Virat Kohli to come and hit every delivery and score 180-200, you will be underestimating Virat Kohli. You need Virat Kohli’s strike rate to remain at 139, if he goes for 189, then his consistency will disappear,” Chopra said.

“Why are we afraid to go into the jungle? Because there is the lion. The lion doesn’t eat you all the time, but the fear is there because you know the lion is there. Likewise, Virat Kohli is the lion here. He will be there in the middle, he may not hurt you that much, but you know that till the time he is there, the chances of India winning are high. You will be able to change gears at any time and finish games.

“It is important that Virat Kohli stays in the middle as it is important that the lion is in the jungle. Whether he hunts or not is a separate story,” summarized Aakash Chopra.

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