March 4, 2024

New Cisco 800G Innovations Help Power the Internet for the Future by Improving Network Economics and Sustainability for Cloud and Service Providers

News Summary:

  • Cisco’s new 28.8T/36 x 800G line card, powered by Cisco Silicon One P100 ASIC, saves up to 6x more space compared to current 400G solutions and supports up to 15 Tbps per rack unit.
  • By using Cisco 8000 Series routers with the new line card, cloud and service providers can realize up to 83% space savings and up to 68% power savings when migrating from 400G to 800 G for IP backbone, metro core, and data centers that support AI/ML. workloads.
  • New software innovations, such as IOS XR Path Tracing and Crosswork Network Automation enhancements, improve network visibility, insights and actions to simplify operations and improve connected experiences.

SAN JOSE, California, March 30, 2023 – Cisco today announced 800G innovations that continue to transform the economics and sustainability of the Internet for the future, to help its customers connect the nearly 40% of the world’s population that remains unconnected or unserved.

The rise of IoT, AI and machine learning

As IoT devices grow from billions to trillions, bandwidth demand grows not only from connecting devices with 5G and Wi-Fi, but also from the AI/ML workloads required to generate IoT knowledge. Applications such as generative AI, search, language processing, and recommendation engines are driving rapid growth of AI/ML clusters in data center environments that require more bandwidth than traditional workloads. AI/ML fabrics must be expanded with denser columns that are critical to supporting the massive number of processors with low latency, as well as capacity expansion in the data center interconnect.

Leading the transition from 800G to denser networks

While bandwidth growth seems limitless, space and power are limited. Dense, energy-efficient platforms are required. Cisco is doubling the capabilities of communications service providers’ and web-scale customers’ backbone networks, metro core, and data centers compared to 400G/100G modular solutions. The new 28.8 Tbps/36 x 800G line card for Cisco 8000 Series routers is powered by Cisco Silicon One and reduces operating costs while protecting investments as communication service providers and Cloud operators transform networks from 100G to 400G and 800G capacities. Customers can benefit from carbon savings by using less hardware at scale and reusing equipment.

“We continue to expand 800G to more use cases, from AI/ML fabrics to the core, to help our customers achieve their performance and sustainability goals,” said Kevin Wollenweber, senior vice president and general manager of networking, data centers and Cisco providers. Connectivity. “With our dense core and backbone solutions using new dual-density line cards with Cisco Silicon One, we have accelerated the transition to 800G everywhere.”

Key benefits of modularity Cisco 8000 Series Router Systems Powered by Cisco Silicon One P100:

  • Economic Sciences: With up to 83% space savings, customers can build denser networks using much of the same infrastructure to support use cases such as 5G, IoT, broadband and AI/ML. Other benefits include:
    • By doubling capacity in the same chassis space, the Cisco 8000 Series router platform has up to twice the space efficiency of 400G single-chassis systems.
    • These 800G single chassis systems can now support equivalent traffic loads with up to 6x more space efficiency compared to current 400G distributed chassis solutions, delivering up to 15 Tbps per rack unit.
    • The new 800G modular systems can also provide equivalent bandwidth capacity with an estimated energy savings of up to 68% compared to 400G solutions to help reduce operating costs.
  • Sustainability: With up to 68% energy savings, 800G systems can help customers achieve their sustainability goals.
    • Assuming a single 800G system is in use 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, the potential energy savings compared to 400G systems would reduce GHG emissions by up to 215,838 CO2e per year.
    • This amount of carbon savings is estimated to be equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by charging 40 million smartphones or burning 366,923 pounds of coal annually. [1]
    • Customers can also reuse common equipment by upgrading to 800G systems to help reduce e-waste.
  • Architectural innovations: Powered by Cisco Silicon One P100 ASIC and Cisco pluggable optics, the new line card delivers massive performance for Cisco 8800 Series modular systems. Key features include:
    • Advanced 100G SerDes technology allows customers to double current 400G port densities and increase 8x current 100G port densities in the same form factor, supporting 72 400G and 288 x 100G ports per slot.
    • Ability to scale up to 800G to support increasing traffic demands with four-, eight-, twelve- and 18-slot chassis. Customers can expand up to 518 Tbps of capacity with a single 18-slot 800G modular system.
    • The pay-as-you-grow flexible consumption model helps customers future-proof their deployments by right-sizing the network, adding capacity over time to better align with business outcomes.
    • Cisco’s next generation of pluggable optics provides investment protection through compatibility with existing QSFP pluggable transceivers.
  • Operational simplicity: With advanced dashboards, service monitoring with actionable insights, and closed-loop network optimization, customers can ensure quality services and consistent experiences.
    • With the latest improvements to Crosswork Network Automation, the speed at which network elements and services can be added has improved significantly.
    • The new IOS XR Path Tracing provides hop-by-hop visibility of the packet’s path through the network.

Industry response:

“Based on our extensive market research and traffic analysis, we forecast continued growth in data traffic with fixed and mobile services, including 5G, broadband, IoT and cloud. These trends are putting networks under increasing pressure, so in the future it will be necessary to scale to 800G performance with solutions such as Cisco 8000, while helping cloud and service providers improve operational efficiency, sustainability and user experience.” — Simon Sherrington, Research Director, Analysys Mason

“Together with Cisco, we are pursuing new approaches to drive market differentiation and deliver business results through agile and secure infrastructure at every stage of the technology journey. As a key enabler of the kingdom’s Vision 2030, we must ensure that our technology remains at the forefront of technological innovations. With the modular 800G and Silicon One P100 innovations in the Cisco 8000 Series, we continue to advance new levels of cloud connectivity and digital transformation while benefiting from operational efficiencies that allow stc group to continue delivering lower, higher cost per bit. performance. service to our clients.” — Bader Allhieb – stc Infrastructure, stc

“Colt is working towards ESG By Design, meaning our strong commitment to sustainability spans all aspects of our business. It is imperative that we work with partners who share our values ​​and strive to build a better, cleaner planet. Cisco’s latest routing innovation shows its dedication to finding powerful and effective ways to scale capacity while mitigating environmental impact. “It marks an exciting next stage in the future of sustainable digital infrastructure.” — Kelsey Hopkinson, Vice President of ESG, Colt Technology Services

“With the deployment of Florida LambdaRail’s new FLRnet4 400G backbone, space becomes one of our primary concerns as we had exhausted our existing footprint at many of our sites. The combination of incredible forwarding capacity, operational efficiency, and the reliable IOS XR network operating system made the Cisco 8000 Series the obvious choice for our new network. We couldn’t be more satisfied with our choice. “Not only do we have a next-generation network, but the Cisco 8000 Series solution ensures there are enough OpEx savings to scale our network for years to come.” —Chris Griffin, Chief Network Architect, Florida LambdaRail

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