April 20, 2024

International Computer Society Recognizes 2023 Distinguished Members for Significant Achievement

Murali Annavaram
University of Southern California For contributions to the design of heterogeneous computing systems to provide and promote energy-efficient computing. Vijay Arya
IBM Research For contributions to optimization, statistical inference, and machine learning in network design. Pernille Bjorn
University of Copenhagen For contributions to understanding global software development, health technologies, technological entrepreneurship, and equity in computing. Kai-chen
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology For contributions to the design and implementation of data center networks. Reynold Cheng
The University of Hong Kong For contributions to algorithms on large-scale data processing. Carla Fabiana Chiasserini
Turin Polytechnic For contributions to the design of high-performance mobile networks. Mauro Conti
University of Padua For research contributions to the security of networks, mobile devices and embedded systems. Sanmay Das
George Mason University For contributions to AI and economics, AI for social good, and service to the profession Jeff Forbes
National Science Foundation For advancing efforts to address critical issues in education and expand participation in computing. Auroop R. Ganguly
Northwestern University For fundamental advances, sustained service and business achievements in climate data mining and machine learning. Floris Geerts
University of Antwerp For contributions to data management principles and community services. Werner Geyer
IBM research For contributions to computer-supported collaborative work, AI-assisted collaboration and social software in the enterprise Roberto Giacobazzi
University of Arizona For contributions to elucidating the roots of precision and imprecision in program analysis. Eric Gilberto
University of Michigan For influential contributions to the study and construction of social computing systems. Daniel Grosu
Wayne State University For contributions to cloud resource management and edge computing Boris Grot
Edinburgh University For contributions to computer architecture in the areas of network-on-chip and cloud-native servers tao gu
Macquarie University For contributions to mobile and wireless detection systems. Jingrui He
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign For contributions to modeling data heterogeneity, connecting theory, methodology and real applications. Eva Hornecker
Bauhaus-Universitat Weimar For his contributions to research in tangible and embodied interaction theory, and for founding the ACM TEI conference and community Christopher Hundhausen
Oregon State University For leadership and achievements in computing education research. Kyle Jamieson
Princeton University For contributions in wireless detection and localization. Shaun Kane
Google research For leadership in the development of technology for people with disabilities, including non-visual user interfaces and skills-based design. Jofish Kaye
Wells Fargo For contributions to multimodal human-computer interaction and service leadership to the ACM Amy J. Ko
University of Washington For contributions to human-centered theories of program understanding and the development of learning tools and technologies. Oren Kurland
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology For contributions to the field of information retrieval, around formal models and game theory approaches. Yang Li
Google research For research contributions that cross human-computer interaction and artificial intelligence. Yun (Eric) Liang
Peking University For contributions to hardware and software co-design for domain-specific accelerators Lauri Malmi
Aalto University For contributions to international research in computing education. Tomasso Melodia
Northwestern University For contributions to architectures and algorithms for software-defined wireless networking systems ishai menache
Microsoft investigation To improve cloud efficiency through principled algorithmic solutions Anders Moller
Aarhus University For outstanding contributions in the analysis of static and dynamic programs. Brianna Morrison
University of Virginia For scholarship, leadership, and service to computing education and its communities. Santosh G Nagarakatte
Rutgers University For the development of techniques to build formally verified compilers, correct mathematical libraries and hardware-software interfaces. Arnab Nandi
Ohio State University For contributions to human data infrastructure, next-generation query interfaces, and interactive data analysis systems. Michael E. Papka
Argonne National Laboratory and the University of Illinois Chicago For contributions in virtual reality, collaborative environments, scientific visualization, as well as research and operations in high-performance computing. Matías Pagador
EPFL For contributions to the protection of systems in the presence of vulnerabilities. Sean Peisert
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and University of California, Davis For contributions to research to secure large-scale infrastructure. Denys Poshyvanyk
William and Mary For contributions to the integration of software analytics and machine learning for effective software evolution and maintenance. Amir Rahmani
University of California, Irvine For research on leveraging IoT data and AI for health models and lifestyle recommendation systems. Amanda Randles
Duke University For contributions to advances in high-fidelity multiphysics circulatory modeling methods using supercomputing for medical applications. Lionel P. Robert, Jr.
University of Michigan For contributions to the study of technology-mediated human and human-robot collaborations. Dario Rossi
Huawei Technologies France For multidisciplinary approaches and his pioneering adoption of machine learning in network research. Sudeep Sarkar
University of South Florida For contributions to the advancement of computer vision and gait biometrics. Yan Solihin
University of Central Florida For contributions to shared cache architecture, secure processors, and persistent memory Nesime Tatbul
Intel and MIT Laboratories For fundamental scientific contributions in data transmission systems and time series analysis. Nicola Tonellotto
University of Pisa For contributions to the design of efficient algorithms for information retrieval systems. Daniel Vogel
University of Waterloo For contributions to human-computer interaction and applications to novel forms of interaction Dan Wang
Hong Kong Polytechnic University For contributions to data-driven applications and platforms for cyber-physical energy systems Adam Wierman
California Institute of Technology For contributions to online algorithms, programming theory, and their applications to sustainable computing. Laura Wilcox
Google For contributions to research on responsible AI, human-computer interaction, and health informatics. Chang Xu
Nanjing University For his contribution to the adaptation and evolution of software with quality assurance. Meihui Zhang
Beijing Institute of Technology For contributions to end-to-end data analysis and verifiable data management

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