April 15, 2024

I tried to make Nvidia ACE laugh, but instead I got to see the strange new future of story-driven PC gaming.

Hiroshi’s ramen shop doesn’t exist, but this digital noodle bar in a Cyberpunk 2077-style future dystopia revealed more about what’s in store for PC gamers in the coming years than any trailer or whitepaper ever could, and I’ve back from the future to tell everyone that we are not ready for this.

Shown as a working model at Nvidia’s press showcase at CES 2024, the Nvidia ACE was originally announced at Computex last year as an example of what Nvidia’s AI was capable of. The idea is that NPCs in a game (in this case, the cook and a security agent at a ramen shop taken from any number of cyberpunk-inspired games, from Deus Ex to Ghostrunner 2) don’t have dialogue trees with traditional script.

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