April 20, 2024

How Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra will change smartphones forever

Updated January 10: Article originally published January 7.

The upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event will set the standard by which every flagship phone will be measured in 2024. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is Samsung’s bid to define the future of smartphones.

First, the Galaxy S24 Ultra must be the proverbial “really good phone.” There should be no obvious bugs, nothing weaker than the opposition and essentially everything a consumer expected from the leading Android flagship should be in the Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung’s iterative approach to Ultra phones means the success of the S23 Ultra should easily continue with any necessary spec upgrades.

It’s also worth remembering that the S24 Ultra is part of a family of phones. There is a halo effect with the Galaxy S24 brand, which means that the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ phones must also meet the standards – any problem with the phone at the bottom of the bag will affect the S24 Ultra.

That’s one of the reasons why the community is sensitive to the disparity between the Exynos and Snapdragon chipsets used by lower-tier models. Fortunately for those looking for maximum power, the S24 Ultra will exclusively run the highly regarded Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Samsung.

Samsung’s popularity, press interest and its leading role in the Android space will ensure that the Galaxy S24 Ultra is seen as the phone to beat for future flagships.

Update: Monday, January 8. During the company’s CES press conference, Samsung outlined its broader vision for AI in technology. Titled “AI for everyone: connectivity in the age of AI”, Jong-He ‘JH’ Han, CEO of Samsung Device Experience, introduced several partners and devices that will bring AI to consumers.

The traditional internet-connected refrigerator meme has been updated with the “Family Hub AI Refrigerator,” which offers a 32-inch screen that informs you about the products the AI ​​recognizes inside the refrigerator with recipe suggestions and expiration date tracking. . The AI ​​center is part of the Laundry Combo and offers AI in a washer and dryer.

On the consumer electronics side, Samsung took the opportunity to show off the AI ​​features on its recently launched Galaxy Book4 laptop. While there was no specific mention of the Galaxy S24 family, the entire presentation had a smartphone-shaped hole in it.

A hole that will be filled with the next Galaxy Unpacked event.

Update: Wednesday, January 10. Mihai Matei reports about the South Korean company’s latest push to prepare the market for the next AI explosion around the Samsung Galaxy brand, and it’s all focused in one place.

The ambitious architecture of the Las Vegas Sphere, with its huge LED surface, was briefly taken over by a partnership between Samsung and Marvel’s “What If” series, with the next addition to the Galaxy S range being promoted in the sky. As Samsung says; “A new era is coming with Galaxy AI.”

With the “AI for All” presentation aimed at industry and media at CES earlier this week, the Las Vegas promotion reaches consumers. The question now is how much AI Samsung will offer and how effective it will be.

The upcoming Galaxy Unpacked event will lean heavily towards the use of artificial intelligence in the smartphone. If you haven’t seen the signs, the invite that screams “Galaxy AI is coming” gives the game away. The South Korean company is not going to attend the cold event. Its Samsung Gauss AI system was officially launched in late 2023.

Several AI-specific features in the camera have already been teased, Zoom with Galaxy AI was shown in teaser videos ahead of the Galaxy Unpacked events. More importantly, both Qualcomm and Samsung have ensured that the respective Snapdragon and Exynos chipsets have dedicated hardware to enhance AI and ML software routines.

Samsung’s Exynos joins and strengthens Qualcomm’s Snapdragon, MediaTek’s Dimensity, and Google’s Tensor by offering hardware support for AI and ML routines. That means the Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra phones, which could have easily used a different take on hardware to achieve AI, will consolidate the market. This is how AI can be distributed throughout the Android ecosystem.

In all of this, don’t discount how comfortable consumers feel purchasing a Samsung device. While Google’s launch of the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones was built on the promise of artificial intelligence, the market share of the Pixel and Galaxy devices is not in the same ballpark. Samsung can bring AI to the widest possible market around the world.

Consumers walking into a store to “buy a new Samsung” will have AI in their hands, first with the S24 family and then throughout the year in the new Galaxy A phones and Galaxy Tabs. The practical impact of AI on photography will be part of OneUI, and “Galaxy AI” will certainly be mentioned during the launch and on every point-of-sale unit.

There is another area where Samsung can set the standard in the future. The company could match Google’s promise of seven years of software and security updates across the Galaxy S range. Google has shown how attractive this is; Now, Samsung can move to the front of the line in the broader consumer market.

Samsung’s focus on delivering artificial intelligence, consumer trust in the brand, and an extended support window for software and hardware is how the Galaxy S24 can shape the world of smartphones in 2024.

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