April 15, 2024

Galaxy fans enter a new era of AI at Galaxy Experience Space in New York City – Samsung Global Newsroom

On January 17, Samsung Electronics opened seven Galaxy Experience Spaces around the world, allowing visitors to try out the new Galaxy S24 series. As a cold snap gripped New York, Samsung Newsroom braved the cold to explore the Galaxy Experience Space located in Herald Square on 34th Street, Manhattan.

▲ The Galaxy Experience Space, located on 34th Street in Manhattan, New York, attracted long lines of visitors who lined up an hour before opening.

Despite the cold, people eagerly lined up to attend the Galaxy Experience Space in New York City. Excitement filled the air as they entered a world of possibilities powered by Galaxy AI. Check out some of the photos and highlights from visitors to the Galaxy Experience Space in New York City below.

▲Samsung employees greet visitors who enter through a portal to the Galaxy Experience Space.

Space #1. Galaxy AI: a new era of everyday mobile innovation

▲ In the New Way of Doing Things zone, the main area of ​​the Galaxy Experience Space in New York City, visitors were able to experience the artificial intelligence functions of the Galaxy S24 series.

Upon entering the space through an arch designed to resemble a portal, visitors immediately found themselves facing a star-shaped digital wall. This installation represented the endless possibilities for mobile innovation in the age of AI. Visitors had the opportunity to interact directly with Galaxy AI, which brought the core features of the Galaxy S24 series to life and showed how AI could improve their daily routines. With the help of Samsung employees, guests were able to try out AI features such as Live Translate and Chat Assist.

▲ Visitor Yesenia Candia tested the Live Translate function on the Galaxy S24 series.

“When my mom calls the doctor, they put her on hold because she only speaks Spanish,” shared Yesenia Candia, a Hispanic resident of Manhattan. “It may take some getting used to using the AI ​​features, but I definitely see my mom using Live Translate to schedule doctor appointments.”

Space #2. New way to create: Capture and edit photos anytime, anywhere

After passing through the Galaxy AI Experience zone, visitors entered an area where they could interact with the latest camera features of the Galaxy S24 series. First, a photo booth where visitors could practice taking selfies caught their attention. With just one click, the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Single Take feature took a variety of images and videos in multiple best shots. Visitors could save photos and videos to their personal devices by simply opening a QR code, or they could display their photos on a large screen nearby.

▲Visitor Samaya Chadha took selfies using the Single Shot feature in the New Way to Create Zone.

“With the Single Take feature, you can take a single photo and different variations of images and videos are automatically created,” said Samaya Chadha, a visitor from Manhattan, after trying out the Single Take photo booth. “It’s really cute and I can see myself using this feature to post on social media.”

▲Visitor Emily Shon tested the AI ​​Edit feature with Sticky Monster Lab figures.

Next to the photo booth was an interactive photography area. Samsung collaborated with creative studio Sticky Monster Lab to build a snapshot-worthy art installation, allowing visitors to take and edit photos as they normally would, except this time using AI Edits to remove objects and reflections.

“As a content creator, the AI ​​Edit feature really streamlines the editing process. “I can’t believe the Galaxy S24 series can remove reflections and objects so easily,” said Emily Shon, a New York-based marketing professional and content creator. “I can definitely see myself using the Remove Object feature a lot, especially when I’m taking photos in public and want to remove people from the background or things that are out of place. It’s a painstaking process to use other apps, so having it built into your phone is really crazy.”

Space #3. The connected power of Samsung Galaxy

In this area, visitors had the opportunity to explore the seamless connectivity of the Galaxy S24 series. Connecting its Galaxy S24 series with the Galaxy Book4 series allowed users to effortlessly open recently viewed web pages from their smartphones on a larger PC screen. The seamless transition also allowed users to respond to text messages and phone calls on the Galaxy Book4 series. In this experience zone, visitors were also able to try Quick Share, Galaxy’s file sharing feature, and Google Meet, Google’s video conferencing service.

▲Guests experienced seamless connectivity between the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy Book4 series.

Space #4. New way to play: next-level gaming on the Galaxy S24 series

In the New Way to Play zone, visitors were able to enjoy an enhanced gaming experience offered by the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s Dynamic AMOLED 2X display and Vision Booster, which automatically adjusts color and brightness. The Galaxy Experience Space in New York City also hosted mobile gaming competitions where Galaxy fans could enter to win the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

▲Visitors enjoyed playing on the Galaxy S24 Ultra in the New Way to Play area.

A daily calendar of events at the New York Galaxy Experience Space

At the Galaxy Experience Space in New York City, many events will be taking place throughout January and February, including workshops for content creators and a LIVE podcast recording from Tribe Gaming. On the day of Samsung Newsroom’s visit, an exciting K-Pop Meet and Greet was held. Here, visitors interacted with their favorite K-Pop idols while practicing Galaxy’s latest innovations.

▲Visitors experience Galaxy AI.

▲ Miguel Martín, an avid Galaxy fan, at the Galaxy Experience Space in New York City.

From beginners to tech experts, the Galaxy S24 series wowed visitors with its easy-to-use AI capabilities. Miguel Martín, a Galaxy fan from the Bronx and IT specialist, shared his enthusiasm: “I enjoyed exploring and learning more about Galaxy AI. I used the touch screen to learn about the features of Galaxy AI – the Circle to Search and Live Translate features are crazy.” He added: “It’s amazing that the Chat Assist feature can support informal dialogue. I am from another country and my family and friends speak Spanish. “A lot of them like to try to communicate in English, so I think it will be a great way to learn conversational English.”

Circle to Search was one of the standout features for Galaxy fans after the launch of the Galaxy S24 series. This innovative feature allows users to draw a circle with their fingers over any image, giving them immediate access to the Google search engine without having to switch to another application. Once users finish their search, a simple swipe returns them to the original screen.

▲Visitors can draw a circle on a photo of the Galaxy Experience Space in New York City to activate Circle to Search.

To see the Circle to Search feature in action, try taking a photo of New York City’s Galaxy Experience Space to learn more.

Fans can immerse themselves in Samsung’s latest innovations around the world, with Galaxy Experience Spaces located in Seoul, New York, London, Paris, Berlin, Bangkok and Dubai.1 Be sure to visit a Galaxy Experience Space near you to learn more about how mobile AI in the Galaxy S24 series is improving users’ daily lives.

1 Galaxy Experience Space in Barcelona, ​​Spain, will open in February.

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