April 15, 2024

Apple hastily relaunches a major iPhone update

January 13 update below. This post was first published on January 10, 2024.

The next version of Apple’s iPhone software will be iOS 17.3, unless there are some annoying bugs that require a surprise in between. This software is in beta right now and the second version was released to developers on January 3rd and then immediately removed. Now it’s back. This is how it will affect the release of important software.

It’s important, by the way, because it has a shiny new feature. That’s Stolen Device Protection, which means that if someone steals your iPhone and knows your password, their options to take over your digital life, lock you out of your phone, or invade your bank account, etc., your options are significantly reduced. . There are other updates in iOS 17.3, but this is the most notable.

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The sudden removal of the latest beta was due to some users finding that instead of updating their phone, it put them in a perpetual boot loop, requiring drastic measures to overcome.

That was iOS 17.3 beta 2. After its removal, also on January 3, a revised version was expected to appear about a day later. In fact, it has taken until January 9 for the new beta. But you can bet Apple was hustling behind the scenes.

As predicted, it was renumbered to give developers access to iOS 17.3 beta 3. The next day, January 10, Apple released the public beta. This is called iOS 17.3 public beta 3, although it is technically the second version, since there was no public beta 2. It was canceled when problems arose with the developer beta.

None of this is surprising. However, the question that remains unanswered is whether the previous week’s issues will have derailed Apple’s schedule for when the general release of iOS 17.3 will take place.

In other words, is iOS 17.3 beta 3 just beta 2 with the boot loop issues overcome, or has Apple added more changes to keep it going?

I suspect it’s closer to the first of those options, but the fact that it took almost a week for the revised beta to appear could indicate that Apple took the opportunity to add more far-reaching changes.

All of which means there’s no certainty when the final general release will be, but I think it’ll still be this month.

It’s been suggested it could be as soon as Tuesday, January 16, but now it looks fantastic.

The following week, which begins on Monday, January 22, is not impossible, but my money is on the following week, that is, the week beginning on Monday, January 29. Ideally, Apple likes to release its updates on a Tuesday, so that would be Tuesday. , January 30th.

Apple will want to go early if it can, because each delay is a knock-on effect for the next version of the software, but recovering from a problem like the beta 2 issue takes time.

Could I come later? Sure, but I assume there are things in the software related to the new Apple Vision Pro, and it will go on sale on Friday, February 2, so it will surely have to be before then.

January 13 update. The question of when iOS 17.3 will be released generally, when no one will use the beta versions, neither public nor developer, is under scrutiny.

juli clover in MacRumors noted that three beta versions have been shipped to developers so far (even if one was quickly terminated along the way). In which case, the theory goes, the general release could be as soon as the week of January 22nd.

That’s a week earlier than I suggested above, although, as mentioned, getting there sooner will always be on Apple’s mind. But Clover believes that because iOS 17.3 is not a “pretty big” update like iOS 17.2 was in terms of how many features are expected. That’s true, although he would point out that the key update, Stolen Device Protection, is quite large.

The report also notes that the second and third beta versions “have not added anything particularly notable, suggesting that there is not much evidence left.”

In which case, it could be that the release candidate version could be seen in the next week, from Monday, January 15 onwards. If that happens, then I agree that a general release will most likely happen next week.

However, it still seems to me that it really depends on how much more was in beta 3 compared to beta 2. My suspicion is that Apple put all their efforts into urgently fixing the boot loop issue, so that this latest beta could really be beta. 2.1 and thus followed by another beta release this week and a release candidate for the week of January 22nd.

MacRumors adds that a release around January 22 would fit with the iOS .3 release schedule in recent years.

There is a different takeover in 9to5Macwhich estimates that we will see the fourth beta next week, the candidate release the following week, and the general release the week of January 29.

We will know for sure soon. If the week starting January 15 (yes, next week) sees the release candidate, then iOS 17.3 will be released in the week starting January 22, probably on Tuesday, January 23. Otherwise, the following week will be the favorite, probably Tuesday, January 30.

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