April 20, 2024

Adobe Firefly is doing generative AI differently and it may even be good for you

In the short lifespan of AI generative images, they have been on a rollercoaster from excitement to pillory and back to excitement. With each update of leading generators like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion, excitement grows, but (and especially in the creative community) trepidation also grows.

These concerns go back to the source, and I mean the literal source of all the image training data these systems used to build their models. The open Internet provided a vast source of original creative data that OpenAI, for example, used to train DALL-E. The artists discovered that their work was being used without their consent or control. Anyone who has used these systems knows that they do not duplicate art; instead, they use their training to create something new, although they may imitate anyone’s style and, in some cases, regurgitate (at least in part) the content on which they were trained.

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