April 20, 2024

8 Apple Watch complications for your watch face

Key takeaways

  • Weather Complications let you track the current temperature and weather conditions right on your Apple Watch.
  • The CARROT Weather app offers a fun and sarcastic way to display weather complications on your watch face.
  • WaterMinder and Fitness Rings are useful complications that will help you stay hydrated and track your fitness goals on your Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch is one of the most versatile smartwatches currently on the market, and that’s largely due to the wide range of customization options available to make any Apple Watch fit your daily needs. One of the strongest customization features at your disposal to make your Apple Watch more personal are complications.


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Complications are essentially widgets for your watch face. The types of complications you can fit depend on the watch face you are using. Broadly speaking, there are three variants of any complication: a smaller subdial complication, a slightly larger corner complication, and an even larger center display complication. The complications available to you generally change depending on the apps you have on your iPhone, as well as the model of Apple Watch you own. There are a few complications that come with the Apple Watch by default. Whether it’s for fun, convenience, or maybe something completely different, there are plenty of great complications you can include in your Apple Watch right now.

1 Climate

Daily temperatures at a glance


  • Where to download: Preinstalled on Apple Watch

Maintaining the current temperature on your watch face can be an incredibly beneficial convenience. If you ever wonder if you should grab a jacket when you leave the house, a simple flick of your wrist will give you all the information you need. If you’re wondering if it’s going to rain later, you can also have that information at your fingertips. As for specific weather complications, the default weather complications in Apple’s Weather app work perfectly. They can give you all the information you want and look fantastic paired with any size watch face.

2 carrot time

A little more fun with the weather.


  • Where to download: CARROT Weather is in the Apple App Store (free to download, but Premium is $19.99 per year).

However, if you want to have a little more fun with weather viewing, one of the best apps available is CARROT Weather. CARROT Weather is a great weather app that, while pretty good on its own, isn’t the real draw of the app. CARROT Weather is also sarcastic, and that sarcasm carries over directly to the complications on the watch face. Within the app on your phone, you can adjust how sarcastic the app will be depending on a few factors. However, to use CARROT’s watch complications, you’ll need to pay for CARROT Premium, which will cost you $19.99 a year.

3 WaterMinder

Stay on track for hydration


  • Where to download: WaterMinder is in the Apple App Store (free to download, but $29.99 per year for Premium)

One of the biggest features of the Apple Watch is the many ways it can help you stay healthy. At the very least, Apple itself is very happy to promote the watch’s health features. If you want some extra wellness support on your watch that isn’t available by default, WaterMinder is perfect to help you stay on track with hydration. As the name suggests, the app helps you remember to drink water as needed throughout the day. The various complications give you meters or rings that mark your daily intake goal.

4 fitness rings

Close your rings


  • Where to download: Preinstalled on Apple Watch

On the topic of Apple’s various health features, the most important health feature is the Fitness Rings. Keeping up with your rings and closing them every day can be a great way to stay active every day, and the easiest way to stay on top of your rings is to keep them right on your watch face. The good news is that your Fitness Rings can adapt to any size of complication. So no matter what watch face you are using, it is a great idea to add this complication to your watch face and try closing the rings.

5 Reminders

Stay on top of your pending tasks


  • Where to download: Preinstalled on Apple Watch

Apple’s Reminders app received some much-needed improvements over the past year, and the Apple Watch complications for the Reminders app can be great for staying on top of your to-do list for the day. With the larger complication on the center face, you can be shown a task on your agenda for the day. Taking advantage of the complication will allow you to open your entire list for the day, as well as check off items.

6 Things 3

Reminders alternative


  • Where to download: Things 3 is in the Apple App Store (for $9.99)

If you’re looking for something a little more robust, or just don’t like Apple’s Reminders app, Things 3 may be a great alternative, particularly for its Apple Watch complications. While the Reminders complication will show you one task from your day, Things 3 can show you three tasks on your list from your day, which can be much better for staying on top of your daily tasks. You can’t bookmark items directly from the complication, but since that feature just arrived in widgets on the iPhone with iOS 17, it may not be much further out of reach.

7 heart clock

See your ups and downs throughout the day

watch heart rate

  • Where to download: HeartWatch is in the Apple App Store (for 5.99)

Perhaps one of the most well-known features of the Apple Watch is its built-in heart rate monitor. While the feature is impressive and can do wonders to help monitor your heart during any number of activities, the complications of the Apple Watch’s Heart Rate app are lackluster, to say the least. The built-in complication can only show you your current heart rate at any given time, and you must access the app to see a graph of your heart rate throughout the day. Enter HeartWatch. HeartWatch allows you to put a complication on your watch face that will show your ups and downs throughout the day. For a major complication in the center of the face, you will get a real line graph of your heart rate over the past few hours. With a complication in the corner, you will get an indicator similar to the temperature indicator in weather apps, which will show you your current rate located between the lowest and the highest.

8 Sports alerts

Keep up to date with your favorite team


  • Where to download: Sports Alerts is in the Apple App Store (free with in-app purchases)

A final complication that can be infinitely useful is Sports Alerts. Just as the name says, this complication is to help you keep track of the scores and times of various sporting events. With integration for a wide range of sports and teams, the complication will surely be able to help you stay up to date with your favorite team no matter where you are. The complication will update with scores as the game progresses to keep up to date with the current action, and by accessing the app you’ll get more details once the game is over.


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Frequently asked questions

Q: What is an Apple Watch complication?

An Apple Watch complication is a small widget on the watch face that displays useful information or provides quick access to apps. It’s like having mini screens for things like the date, the weather, your fitness progress, or even shortcuts to your favorite apps. The idea comes from traditional watches, where “complications” meant any extra features beyond showing the time. On Apple Watch, they’re a convenient way to get information at a glance without having to dig through menus.

Q: Are there other complications to try?

Yes. Don’t forget to experiment. There are many applications that offer complications on the Apple Watch. If there is something you would find extremely convenient to have present on your watch face, chances are you can do it. You’ll just need to explore any apps you have that already serve that purpose, and see if they offer complications for your Apple Watch. You may have complications on your watch that are waiting to be placed that you don’t even know about yet, so it’s definitely worth checking out everything that’s available in your Watch app or on your watch itself.

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