March 4, 2024

4 Meaningful Ways to Personalize a Phone Case and Make It Yours

Key takeaways

  • Protect your phone with a customizable case that adds style without compromising protection.
  • Use MagSafe accessories to personalize your phone case and make it stand out from the crowd.
  • Personalize your case with themed designs or meaningful additions, such as carabiners or lanyards, to reflect your personality.

Smartphones have become an extension of ourselves and follow us wherever we go. That is why it is important to protect your smartphone with a case at all times, especially if you are one of those who drop it frequently. It becomes even more vital if you have a modern metal-framed, glass-backed phone that’s just waiting to slip out of your hand.

However, phone cases get a bad rap as they can add a lot of bulk to your phone and hide the premium finish. But not all phone cases are created equal, and you can find some pretty good options. In fact, you can even customize the look of your case to make it stand out.

4 Customize with skins

Easy to customize with many options.

If you’re tired of using plain cases that don’t look particularly interesting, check out some cases with replaceable skins. My quest to find a good customizable case ended when I purchased a Dbrand Grip case for my Pixel 7, along with a set of skins to put it on. Then I bought the same case with different designs for my other phones.

Installing a case on your phone case is better than placing it directly on your phone as you will still get protection from the case. Whether we’re talking about the extra lip around your phone’s screen or the extra grip that lets you get a good grip on your device, there are plenty of reasons to consider a case for your phone instead of simply installing a case.

Dbrand’s Grip case isn’t the only option that lets you install customizable skins, but the rest of the brands you see on marketplaces like Amazon don’t seem particularly trustworthy, with questionable product listings and reviews. The Grip case is the one I actively use and recommend over other options. It’s a great way to personalize and make your phone stand out.

dbrand grip case

If you’re looking for an infinitely customizable case for your phone that also offers excellent protection, you can’t go wrong with the Grip case from Dbrand. It offers military-grade impact resistance and a nice texture for a better hand feel. You can also customize the back with different designs, so you can keep changing the look of your phone.

3 Use MagSafe accessories

Even a simple wallet accessory goes a long way

It wasn’t until recently that we started receiving MagSafe cases for Android phones. I’m a big fan of MagSafe and all standardized phone accessories, and I can’t recommend them enough for customization. They not only add significant features and functions to a phone case, but also make your device stand out. You can customize these MagSafe cases with many stylish accessories that easily attach to your phone.

I don’t care much for fancy battery packs and wireless chargers that use MagSafe, but I tend to splurge a lot on MagSafe accessories like wallets, stands, and other accessories that look good and are also practical.

A rendering of the MOUS Limitless 5.0 case installed on a Pixel 7.

Unlimited Mous 5.0

The Mous Limitless 5.0 case is available for several popular phones on the market. You can purchase it in different finishes and they all provide solid protection for your device. The highlight of the Limitless 5.0 case is that it allows you to use MagSafe accessories with any phone.

2 Reflect your style with themed cases

Nothing screams more personalized

There’s hardly an accessory that screams “personalized” more than a case that pays homage to your favorite movie or TV show. There’s no shortage of custom-themed cases on the market, and you’re just a Google search away from finding a case that celebrates your favorite movie or fictional character.

One brand that immediately comes to mind is Casetify’s Co-Lab collection, which takes everything from popular anime to K-pop stars and includes them in accessories. The best thing about a collection like this is that you can also purchase matching cases for your accessories to complete the personalized look. Why wouldn’t you purchase a custom BTS Edition phone charm or a matching BTS-themed Apple Watch band to match your custom case? Another good way to get on the themed case trend is to simply purchase fandom stickers in solid colors and add them to your clear or plain case.

A render showing the One Piece sticker pack.

one piece anime stickers

This pack contains 150 stickers inspired by the One Piece anime. These waterproof stickers can be used to personalize various products, including laptops and smartphone cases.

A rendering showing Casetify's BTS Butter Sticker case installed on an iPhone 15 Pro.

Casetify BTS Butter Sticker Case for iPhone 15 Pro

This simple clear case from Casetify is designed in collaboration with BTS. Relive one of BTS’s popular tracks with custom decals while offering a good amount of protection to your phone.

Personalized with things that matter to you

Above image of the Supcase unicorn beetle (6).

If you prefer to customize your case with additions that are more meaningful than cosmetic, don’t let anyone stop you from choosing accessories like a carabiner or lanyard. There are many cases that come with these extras or allow you to add them separately. I add these attachments to my cases from time to time and highly recommend them if you need something extra.

I added a kickstand (MagSafe compatible) to my Galaxy S23 case, while my dad prefers to use cases like the Supcase UB Pro for his Google Pixel 7, which comes with belt clips and holsters. Personalization means different things to different people, and it could be something as simple as personalizing your case with meaningful extras like a PopSocket, grip, or belt clip.

A render showing a SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Mag XT case installed on an iPhone 15 Pro in black.

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Mag XT Case for iPhone 15

Promoted selection

In collaboration with Supcase

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Mag XT is a full-body rugged case that comes with a built-in kickstand. This polycarbonate case has a rugged look and offers solid protection for your device.

A rendering showing the Supcase UB Pro case installed on a Google Pixel 8.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro for Google Pixel 8

Promoted selection

In collaboration with Supcase

The Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro is one of the best particularly sturdy cases you can buy right now. It offers full 36-degree protection and even comes with a detachable belt clip.

Popsocket on transparent background.


The PopSocket is a popular phone accessory that can be mounted to the back of any phone case for added grip when you need it.

lovehandle pro-1 phone grip

LoveHandle Pro

LoveHandle Pro is a handy adhesive strap that you can stick to the back of any phone or case for extra grip and to hold the device for viewing media.

Final thoughts

Smartphone cases have come a long way and are no longer just a basic accessory that protects your phone from whatever mishaps life throws at you. In fact, a case hides the beautiful fit and finish of your phone, but you can personalize it in different ways and make it reflect your personality. It’s not about colors, patterns and style all the time. Sometimes what you really need is simply a stylishly protected case with the right features and accessories to help you get the most out of your device.

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