April 20, 2024

14 money-making apps that can increase your income by £2,200

If you’re feeling short on cash after an expensive Christmas, you may be desperately looking for ways to boost your bank balance.

The good news is that there are many easy ways to earn extra income.

You can earn extra money in 2024 using easy money earning apps

And why not take advantage of applications that help you earn money in your free time?

As the cost of living crisis continues to bite, we look at over a dozen money-making apps that can help you boost your income by thousands of pounds in 2024.


Shepper is a market research and data collection platform.

It lists thousands of simple tasks on its platform, such as checking promotions and monitoring stock levels at your local supermarket.

This includes working in local supermarkets and takeaway restaurants.

Your findings are then recorded in the app.

Tasks take between five and 45 minutes, depending on complexity.

Users can earn up to £22 per hour by completing market research tasks in their community.

We spoke to an expert saver who increases his income by £200 a month simply by using this app.


Customers can make a purchase in a store through TopCashback and then get money back.

You can shop at a variety of stores including Very, Argos, Selfridges, John Lewis, Wilko and New Look.

The cashback can be converted to a gift card to use at a participating retailer or transferred to your bank account.

While transferring to your bank account may be easier, if you transfer your points to a gift card.

In this way, TopCashback will increase the value (but only slightly).

Mum-of-two Sarah Ryman, 48, won £2,200 from TopCashback and said it only took a few clicks of her keyboard.


JamDoughnut is another cashback site where shoppers can earn up to 20% back on their purchases, paid into a “wallet” in their account.

You can choose whether you want to receive your money in gift vouchers or you can transfer the cash to your bank account.

There is a 30p charge every time you withdraw money.

The app also runs regular competitions, including a daily £10 draw for 10 users.

Graham Leydon, 31, told The Sun how he made £350 from JamDoughnut, which helped him pay for two holidays.


With BeMyEye, you earn money when you go out taking photos of how certain products are displayed in the store or talking to store staff.

Basically, you get paid to be the “eyes” of the store.

You can earn up to £12 per task, although many pay between £4 and £6. It can be one of the busiest task apps.

field agent

This app is similar to BeMyEye and also pays you to take photos of store windows, count products on a shelf, or offer feedback on a product.

You can expect to earn between £4 and £8 per task.


Roamler pays you to perform market research tasks, such as seeing what teas are on sale in a supermarket or photographing restaurant menus.

Payment usually ranges between £2 and £5 per task, although some may pay more. Please note that you may need to be invited to join.


MobEye also lets you check stock levels and in-store retail promotions and submit photos of your finds.

Payment can be around £2 per task.


Users complete surveys through Attapoll and earn money in return.

However, there are usually eligibility criteria for each survey, so buyers will not be able to participate in all of them.

The criteria may depend on where you live, how old you are, what you do for a living, and whether you are single or have children.


This is a video and survey app that pays people to record themselves reviewing a brand or service.

You can earn 25p per 15-second recording and then withdraw your winnings once they reach £10.


Qmee is another app that pays users to participate in surveys.

You earn cash when you complete a survey and can withdraw it to your bank account without having to accumulate a minimum amount first.

Airtime Rewards

Airtime Rewards is a cash back app that gives you cash rewards when you shop.

It can be used by people on monthly and pay-as-you-go contracts and works with most major mobile networks.

You connect your credit card through the app and get cash back that you can use to pay your next phone bill.

While you won’t receive cash directly into your bank account, users can save money on their bills.


SnapMyEats allows users to take a survey after they have purchased something from a participating retailer.

They will need to take a photo of their receipt, upload it, and answer five questions about their purchase.

They will then be able to earn credits each month that they can convert into vouchers for brands like Amazon.

The app uses your location to suggest where you should go to take part, but brands include Costa Coffee, Uber Eats and Amazon.

SnapMyEats uses receipts for market research purposes.

Amazon Buyer

Amazon Shopper is an invitation-only program where customers can earn monthly rewards by sharing receipts from purchases made other than on Amazon.co.uk.

If you’re interested in joining, you can sign up for a waitlist and Amazon will invite you to become a member if there’s availability and you qualify.

The maximum amount of money you can earn per month is £5 and to get this you will need to submit 10 receipts.

The money is added to your Amazon credit, so if you’re a regular Amazon shopper, you could end up saving £30 a year on purchases.


Gener8 is slightly different and allows people to earn rewards when they share their data.

Gener8 can link to your Internet browser and track what you do, all anonymously and with your permission.

Users get points added to their accounts.

You won’t be able to transfer cash rewards to your bank account, but you will be able to make purchases within the Gener8 app.

Depending on how many points you have saved, you can use them to buy things like a Nintendo Switch or an IKEA gift card.

Of course, if you’re worried about sharing data, think about whether this is for you.

It’s always worth contacting Gener8 first to ask any questions you may have about what it does with your data.

If you earn extra income, it’s important to note that everyone can earn up to £1,000 a year with a side job.

If you earn more than that in a year, you will need to complete a self-assessment tax return to report that income and pay income tax.

You should do this whether you are self-employed or earn a salary or salary from a company.

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