April 20, 2024

10 Best Android Smartphone Apps You Should Download Right Away

With more than 3.5 million apps in the Google Play store, it was not easy to come up with this list of the 10 best apps for Android. The apps cater to a wide range of tastes, interests and abilities. They also serve as a gateway to everything from streaming services to app subscriptions and more. Any of these apps are worth downloading and trying.

So how do we choose the best apps (and some alternatives) for Android smartphones? We narrowed down the options by considering apps in 10 categories. Some selections require a separate service subscription (or work with your existing subscription). However, we do not include any streaming entertainment services, as they are aimed at specific interests. After all, if you’re a Star Wars enthusiast determined to see Grogu’s adventures in The MandalorianYou’ll be subscribing to Disney Plus, not Netflix or Paramount Plus (home of all things Star Trek).

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